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  • Shomer-Tec_Access-Card_Professional-Lock-Pick-Set
    ACCESS CARD Lock Pick for Your Wallet
    Shomer-Tec's Access Card utilized advanced design in this new, discreet, always available, professional lock pick set. This highly low-profile lock pick, a tiny .016'' in thickness, is designed to be easily hidden in your...
  • The-Spy-Bolt_Shomer-Tec
    Hiding in plain sight is a specialty that Shomer-Tec does very well, the Spy Bolt is a perfect example. Based on the KGB "drop dead" bolt, this new and improved version features a reverse treaded head for added security, and...
  • Special-Ingredient-Blood-Capsules
    Shomer-Tec's "Special Ingredients" Blood Capsules may come in handy during the occasional "special situation". These blood capsules were originally manufactured for the CIA, FBI, and other top federal agencies by DSG...
  • Shomer-Tec_Special-Ingredients-Green-Gas
    Shomer-Tec's "Special Ingredients" Green Gas might come in handy during the occasional "special situation". Green Gas was originally manufactured in the USA for the CIA, FBI, and other top federal agencies by DSG...
  • Special-Ingredients-Pump-A-Dump_Military-Grade-Putricant
    Shomer-Tec's "Special Ingredients" Pump-A-Dump may be just the thing you need during the random "special situation". Pump-A-Dump was originally manufactured in the USA for the CIA, and other top federal agencies by DSG...
  • Shomer-Tec_Special-Ingredients-Sneezing-Powder
    Shomer-Tec's "Special Ingredients" Sneezing Powder may come be useful during some of lives "special situations". This stuff was originally manufactured to meet operational needs for special federal agencies, like the CIA;...
  • Shomer-Tec_Special-Ingredients-Un-Natural-Gas
    Shomer-Tec's "Special Ingredients" Un-Natural Gas could come in handy, and be rather funny during the occasional "special situations". Un-Natural Gas was initially manufactured to meet a number of sensitive operational needs...
  • Body_Wire- Wild_Planet-Portable_Recording_Device
    Body Wire
    The Body Wire by Wild Planet is a portable recording device. If you ever need to record what other people say without them realizing it, then you have to get Wild PlanetÕs Body Wire. This is a terrific device used for...
  • Covert-Coin_Secret-Storage-Compartment
    Covert Coins were once used in the Cold War to transport microfilm, poison, and messages. Some may believe that Covert Coins are a used up technology. On the contrary, Shomer-Tec's updated Covert Coins can now store up to 32...
  • Shomer-Tec_Houdini_Credit-Card-Lock-Pick-Set
    If you are a fan of Houdini, you will love this lock pick set, which is hidden inside credit card cover. It has an image of the great escape artist Houdini in the back ground. The tool is equipped with 1 two-sided tension...
  • Shomer-Tec_James-Bond_Credit-Card-Lock-Pick-Set
    If you are a James Bond fan, you'll love this lock pick set that's concealed in credit card cover that has 1 two sided tension tool and 4 individual lock picks. The card is double the thickness of normal credit cards but...
  • Envelope-X-ray-Spray_Mail-Surveillance-Tool
    The Envelope X-ray Spray is a special spray that makes solid paper temporarily completely translucent, so that you can easily take a look at contents of the envelope without opening it. This effect remains on the envelope...
  • Fifty-cent_Covert_Knife-Covert-Weapon
    As coins are the most ignored things that people carry, and which are usually ignored even during a search, the Fifty-cent Covert Knife is a secret escape knife that is concealed in a 50-cent US coin. The Covert Knife...
  • Lie_Detector_Kit-At_Home_Lie_Detector_Test
    Lie Detector Kit
    The Lie Detector Kits helps you determine if suspects are being deceptive or not. All that is required is to fit the gadgetÕs sensor to your suspectÕs finger, and start your interrogation. If/when the indicator...
  • Micro_Spy_Kit-Secret_Mission_Utility_Belt
    Micro Spy Kit
    If you are looking for the perfect kit that will help you on your secret mission, the Micro Spy Kit is right for you. This is a spy utility belt that comes with a disc-throwing pinch shooter that shoots 20Õ, a...
  • Nightspyer_Pocket_Sized_Spy_Light
    The Nightspyer is the most covert tool spies use for seeing in the dark without being detected. Not only is it easy to carry because of its pocket-size, it has red LED beams that cut right through the dark without causing...
  • Shomer-Tec_Sonic-Nausea
    Sonic Nausea is a small electronic device generates acoustic sound waves that make people extremely nauseated. This device produces a unique combo of very high-pressure sound waves that, in a short amount of time, lead most...
  • Spy_Door_Alarm-Covert_Security_System
    Spy Door Alarm
    The Spy Door Alarm is the perfect tool to use to secure your valuables and also for catching any trespassers to your room, in your absence. Once the Spy Door Alarm is installed, if an intruder enters your secure location,...
  • Spy_Night_Scope-Spy_Gear
    Spy Night Scope
    You can use the Spy Night Scope day and night to easily spot and spy on distant objects, the scopeÕs lenses are tinted red for night spying, however the Spy Night Scope works great in the daytime as well. When you plan to...
  • Spy_Safe-Locking_Spy_Safe
    Spy Safe
    If you have lots of gear, secrets and valuables you need to keep secret and safe use the Spy Safe, it securely keeps your gear and valuables out of the hands of thieves. This is a locking spy safe that only you can access,...
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