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  • 1080p HD Travel Mug Hidden Camera
  • 1080p HD Travel Mug Hidden Camera (camera)
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  • 1080p HD Travel Mug Hidden Camera (accessories)

1080p HD Travel Mug Hidden Camera


Product Description

New & Improved Features


Portable security just got upgraded. Our new and improved HD Travel Mug Hidden Camera now features a 1080p HD color camera and has 30% more battery life than previous models.


Built-In Technology


Inside the 1080p HD Travel Mug cap you’ll find a tiny hidden camera which is connected to a DVR recorder and a rechargeable battery. Combined these techy components operate to capture superior hidden video surveillance. Choose between motion activated or continuous recording, and/or adjust the recording resolution, this product is versatile.


Two Lids, One Camera


What truly makes the HD Travel Mug Hidden Camera portable is that you receive two lids. One lid is a decoy designed to make the product an ordinary travel mug. The second lid is the brains of the operation, and features all the built-in technology.

You can even leave the brains of the operation behind to capture video recordings in your hotel, while you use the travel mug at the hotel gym.



 1080p HD Video
 Built-in DVR recorder
 Removable video memory
 Motion activated recording
 Time/date stamped files
 Free SD card included
 30% more battery
 3.5 hour battery
 6 hour standby battery life
 Playback on PC or Mac
 Two Lids, One Camera




  • Video Resolution (max quality): 1920 x 1080 HD

  • Adjustable Resolution:  1080p, or 720p HD

  • Recording: Motion or Continuous

  • Time/Date Stamp: Yes

  • Battery Life: Up to 3.5 hours

  • Memory Card (max size): 32GB micro

  • Frame Rate: Up to 30fps

  • Camera: 1/4" CMOS

  • FOV: 65 degrees

  • Video Format: .AVI

  • Battery Type: Li-ion

  • Stand by Battery Life: Up to 6 hours




  • Stainless Travel Mug

  • Two Lids: 1 Decoy Lid, and 1 Hidden Camera/DVR Lid

  • USB cable

  • 16GB SD Card




Q. Can I pour water in the stainless steel mug?

A. Yes, the stainless steel mug can be used to drink from. However, the decoy should be used whenever water has been poured into the mug.



Q. Can I use the hidden camera top even if it is not attached to the mug?

A. Yes, this hidden camera top is an all-in-one device and does not have to be used with the mug to work. We even think that the top can be moved around from location to location, or intentionally left behind to record.


Q. How long is the battery life?

A. Our new model offers 3.5 hours of continuous battery power, or can be powered for up to 6 hours on standby.



Q. What is the benefit of adjusting the recording resolution to a lower quality?

A. While you may prefer the quality that 1080p HD resolution provides, lowering the recording quality to 720p will create smaller files and will save much needed storage on portable surveillance jobs.


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