1206I Multi Frequency Bug Detector Review

The 1206I multi frequency bug detector from is a cut above the rest. This device was designed for law enforcement and professional countermeasure sweeps. It covers multiple bands including GSM, GSM(DCS), WCDMA, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and DECT.

With The ability to search all bands at once, without the need to gate or repeat a search for several suspected frequencies this unit has it all.untitled.png

This detector can locate wireless signals between 2 and 12 GHZ so you know that you will find almost any device commercially available as well as many of the custom devices.

It includes a micro pointer antenna so you can literally point the unit at an area an follow a signal directly to the transmission point.

The demodulation option helps you to find hidden wireless microphones. Using the correlation button a beep is produced the unit, then the demodulation electronic circuit locates the source of the audio.