1207i Review

This handheld unit is designed to detect bugs and wireless cameras it has a group of features that will locate multiple signals from 6 different bands. Looking this RF bug detector over for the first time, if I am being honest, it looks a bit intimidating. It has some serious features and I guess I understand why they say it’s for Professionals


It’s a nice metal cased unit and fits well in your hand. The included batteries go into the back compartment held in by a screw. It reports that the battery life is up 10-15 hours, using 2 AAA batteries. It covers most every digital RF band and breaks them down with a bar graph so you can search for all the bands at one time. Here are the bands it will cover, CDMA ,GSM 900, GSM1800, WCDMA (3G), WI-FI ,WIMAX (4G).

I checked it out with my phone a definitely could find a hidden bug that was using a 4g signal like my phone plus I can see the graph move when I turn my wireless router on and off. So if someone had a wifi camera hidden in my office m pretty confident that I could find it.

The included manual is only about 6 pages long but it goes into some detail about the unit. It explains some of the theory and technology behind the device and basic instructions on how to use it. I felt confident I could find spy type of spy bugs with it.
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1207i Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector CDMA, GSM, BLUETOOTH, WIMAX