1216 Review

This three band RF detector was produced with the counter surveillance professional in mind. This device will require you to be very confident in radio frequency theory and application. Keeping in mind that you will need to know exactly what type of RF you are looking for when you use this device.
You set the unit up for either 3 bands or one band at time. Then you set the threshold at which the device will begin looking for RF above the threshold you set.
The device will “gate” Searching for 3 bands simultaneously but separately. This means each band will be searched for, effectively stopping any interference problems, from strong signals in different bands in the area.
When using the detector in single band mode the histogram will maintain a 5 second sight picture. You will have a constant 5 second view. This helps to find intermittent signals that may represent a burst device or a remote controlled device that is being cycled off because they are aware you are searching the area for surveillance devices. This type of intermittent or “burst” signal is also used by GPS trackers as it sends out location data.