2000i Cell Phone Detector Review

NG2000 Review

When you take it out of the box it looks like a black credit card with a button in the middle. A one page manual, batteries and a carrying case are included. This is a well designed box with perfect cutouts and everything in its place. Someone took the time to make sure that this device was well packed and protected. It works on 2 button style batteries like in a watch and the reported battery life is 5 days , that depends on the amount of use I guess the actual text reads (low current consumption)ng-2000i.jpg

It’s very small and compact and it will easily fit in your pocket to take with you for lunch meetings and visits to your competition. Believe me, if you lay this on the conference table during your meeting you will know if and when a cell phone or digital signal is activated. Not to mention the people on the other side of the table will be paying full attention and you can be sure you are secure.


This RF bug detector and white noise generator has just one button ON / OFF making it the best choice for busy executives, sales people or personal assistants. One the device is on the white noise and the RF search begin automatically.

Where to buy it Illegal Activity Detector for Cell Phones