dd3150 Wireless RF detector and spy camera finder

This portable handheld spy camera finder is a quick and easy way for you to search and locate spy cameras. The built in lens finder will let you scan the area for pinhole lenses. Press and release the power button to turn on the detector, then press the button again to change to spy finder mode. Just hold it up to your eye and look through the port hole and the flashing red leds lights will reflect back a bright red dot letting you know that a hidden camera may be present.
Once you have searched the room for pinhole hidden cameras you can the press the mode / power button to change to the RF mode and begin a search for active wireless signals. Before beginning the RF search you need to calibrate the unit. Do the calibrating in an area away from where you want to sweep for wireless signals. Scan the entire are slowly looking for spikes in the RF strength meter when you find an area where the detectors signal is at full strength , adjust the sensitivity down and continue the search. You will get in closer to the RF device.
This efficient little device is reliable and easy to use. Keep it with you to check out any places where you think your privacy may be encroached upon.