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AC Adapter, or Power Adapter Hidden Cameras look just like regular power supplies everyone has in their home or office.  From on board recording and secret SD memory card slots to true WIFI systems, these AC Adapters and power strip cameras give you the advantage when capturing covert surveillance video.

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  • Designed in the USA, this AC Adaptor is American Proud!
    720p AC Adapter Hidden Camera EZ DVR
    When you need a reliable, quick deploying hidden camera that is easy to set up, then the choice is simple. Our 720p HD AC Adapter Hidden Camera is a high quality system that features our EZ setup so you can get right to...
    $295.00 $169.99
  • AC Adapter Hidden Camera With Built-In DVR
    AC Adapter Hidden Camera With Built in DVR
    The AC Adapter hidden camera with built-in DVR is one of those devices that makes us wonder why nobody thought of this sooner. If you have an AC outlet near the area you want to place under surveillance, this hidden camera...
  • Power Adapter Hidden Camera
    Power Adapter Hidden Camera
    The Power Adapter Hidden Camera with built-in memory and USB port houses a micro pinhole color camera and internal DVR.  Motion activated video is captured and saved when movement is detected.  This adapter also...
    $145.00 $125.00
  • LawMate CM-DC10 5V Power Cord Camera
    Power Cord Camera For Use with Lawmate DVR's
    TheLawMate™ CM-DC10 Power Cord Camera looks just like a standard AC power adapter cord but one end is actually a concealed high resolution camera. The AC power cord form makes detection extremely difficult. The lens is...
  • WiFi AC Power Adapter Hidden Camera
    WiFi AC Power Adapter Hidden Camera w/ Remote View & Record
    If you have one AC adapter then you probably have 100 and if you are like anybody else you don't think twice about seeing one of these plug into the wall. This AC adapter it is very different though, it houses a pinhole...
    $379.00 $319.00
  • electrical outlet hidden camera dvr
    Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera DVR
    One of the problems with hidden cameras is that people can tend to move them out of position unintentionally. This Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera solves that problem.If you have an electrical outlet high enough off the...

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