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Audio Spy Devices Professional Voice Changer for Phones
Best USB Stick Voice Recorder
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  • TVT Pro Professional Telephone Voice Changer
    Professional Telephone Voice Changer
    It's back!  The all NEW and IMPROVEDProfessional Voice ChangerNOW with Cell Phone Adapter!   A PHONE VOICE CHANGER SO GOOD YOUR MOM WON'T EVEN KNOW IT'S YOU!   The Telephone Voice Changer Transformer is...
    $695.00 $549.00
  • Slim Pen Secret Agent Voice Recorder Pen
    Ultimate Secret Agent Pen Voice Recorder with 12 Hour Battery Life
    This Slimline Pen Voice Recorder has a secret activation switch and a very sensitive internal microphone to capture even the faintest of sounds.  Charge the internal long life battery with the USB port from your...
    $199.95 $99.95
  • USB Voice Recorder
    USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder
    Capture and record any and all audio using our USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder. The portable design, and 4 hours of battery life provide on-the-go audio recording. The built-in USB connection makes uploading files as simple...
  • spy voice activated recorder with wireless mic
    Spy Voice Activated Recorder w/ 6-Day Battery Life
    The Spy Voice Activated Recorder with wireless microphone and 6-Day battery life is a powerful audio recording device like we’ve never offered before. With up to 15 days of voice-activated standby you’ll capture...
  • SD Phone Recorder by BlackOps - Digitally record home and office phone calls.
    SD Phone Recorder w/ Phone Recording Software
    The SD Phone Recorder with Phone Recording Software attaches to your phone line or phone handset to record both sides of your conversations as well as the Caller ID information and call duration. The included Call Data...
    $275.00 $155.00
  • 138 Hour Portable Digital Voice Recorder with Color Screen
    138 Hour Portable Digital Voice Recorder
    The DV-Voice is a Portable Digital Voice Recorder with 138 hours of onboard storage using 8GB of internal memory, expandable to 546 hours with a 32GB micro SD card. With 15 hours of battery life and voice activated recording...
  • 30 Day Recording Life Portable Digital Voice Recorder
    30 Day Recording Life Portable Digital Voice Recorder
    It’s hard to believe that a portable digital voice recorder has all these features. Grab a snack and a comfy chair, this one has a lot to offer. Need to record your home phone calls? The included phone-recording...
  • 15 Hour Voice Activated Digital USB Voice Recorder Stick
    Best USB Stick Voice Recorder with 15 Hour Battery Life
    This is the BEST USB stick with built in long life voice recorder.  While other USB digital recorders only last up to 4 hours, this one will give you 15 Hours of Voice Activated recording on a single charge.  The...
    $129.00 $69.95
  • Cell Phone Recorder with Bluetooth Sync
    Cell Phone Recorder with BlueTooth Sync
    This Cell Phone Recorder with BlueTooth Sync is a versatile recording device that will let you record your phone calls no matter where you are. It will record your phone calls at home on a normal phone line or your cell...
  • Charges with USB Port
    Keychain Voice Recorder
    The Best Keychain Voice Recorder with 10 Hour Battery Life turns your key chain into a high quality surveillance recording device.  With one button operation you will be able to quickly and easily activate the recorder...
    $139.00 $99.95
  • Lawmate™ AR-100 Keychain Digital Voice Audio Recorder
    Lawmate™ AR-100 Keychain Digital Voice Audio Recorder
    The Lawmate™ AR-100 KeyChain Digital Voice Audio Recorder looks just like the remote control that unlocks your car. Carry it in your hand or pocket and capture high quality audio with the super sensitive microphone...
    $159.95 $99.95
  • Pen With Voice Recorder - 6 Hour Battery Life
    Pen With Voice Recorder - 6 Hour Battery Life
    This simple pen with voice recorder has a built-in rechargeable battery and on board USB connector for charging and download.  One touch activation starts the sensitive recording circuitry and your conversations will be...
  • Portable Novelty Voice Changer VC168
    Portable Voice Changer from the Movie Scream – Change your voice on the phone.
    This Portable Voice Changer is perfect for prank phone calls and just having fun. It’s lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. Place the voice changer between your mouth and the...
  • Smart Phone Digital Force Recorder
    Smart Phone Digital Voice Recorder Lets You Record Your Cell Phone Calls Easily
    Record Your Cell Phone Calls The Smart Phone Digital Voice Recorder lets you record your cell phone calls easily and discretely. Designed to work with the iPhone or any smart phone with a 3.5 mm jack with four-pole...
  • voice activated recorder
    Voice Activated Recorder w/ Phone Recording Kit
    The AR-200 Voice Activated Recorder by Lawmate™ is a small sized professional audio recording device for use in face to face conversations or with a telephone. Recording modes include: on demand, voice activated, and...
    $195.00 $159.00

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