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  • BlackOps GPS Tracking Device
  • Optional 3 Month Battery Pack for BlackOps GPS Tracker
  • Magnetic Case for BlackOps GPS Tracking Device

Micro Real-Time GPS Tracking Device by BlackOps™

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Product Description

The micro real-time GPS tracking device by BlackOps™ enables you to covertly locate and track an asset virtually anywhere in the world. Using a high sensitive GPS antenna featuring SIRFIII technology and GSM location software, this is one of the best GPS trackers on the market today. Simply charge the device and place it in a vehicle, backpack, or inside a high-value asset that you wish to track. Log on to secure BlackOps GPS Tracking website and track and locate virtually anywhere. The standard configuration of this tracker is for the continental United States area, contact us for use outside the US.

This GPS tracker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and has a battery life of approximately 6 days or 150 hours of use between charges. A built-in motion sensor places the device in standby mode when not in motion saving hours of battery life. An optional long life battery pack (3 months) is also available as well as a magnetic waterproof case for covert installation. Once you're tracking service is activated you will be able to log on to the secure system and view the location of the tracker in real time. Historical reports are also available and maintained on the system for a period of time. Create virtual geo-fences that will send a message to you when the tracker enters and leaves a certain area. Set up speed violation reports and receive instant messages alerting you to dangerous speeds.

How It Works

Real-time GPS tracking works by taking signals from satellites orbiting the earth and translating them into coordinates that are then sent to the BlackOps server. The server then places the data on a usable map. The system works much like a cell phone and that it transmits the location to the server using messaging just like you do when using a cell phone. In order to track something or someone the tracker needs to be in an area that has both GPS and cell phone coverage.


  • Microsized Real-Time GPS Tracking Device –So Small You Can Place It Virtually Anywhere
  • True Real-Time Internet Based Tracking Lets You Locate Your Asset Anytime and Anywhere
  • Password-Protected Website – Login from Any Computer In the World
  • User Adjustable Update Rates from 1 Min. To Several Hours To Increase Battery Life And Accuracy
  • Compatible with Mac and PC Computers
  • Works with iPhones, iPads, Android and Other Smart Phone Internet Connected Devices
  • 6 Day Standard Battery Life Or Approximately 150 Hours of Use between Charges
  • Optional Three-Month Battery Pack With Weatherproof Magnetic Case
  • Installs in Seconds -  No Wires
  • Historical Tracking Data Is Saved to the Server For an Extended Period of Time
  • Multiple, Printable Reports For Accurate Fleet Management
What's in the Box
  • Black Ops Micro Real-Time GPS Tracking Device -  Just 2.5" x 3" x 1"
  • Removable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Charger and Charging Cable
  • Self-Service SIM Card Preinstalled
  • Preactivated Service -  No Waiting, Use It the Same Day You Receive It
Beneficial Add-Ons
  • 90 Day Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Water Resistant High Impact Magnetic Case for Covert Installation
  • 12 V Hardwired Connection For Extended Use
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is there a monthly fee for this tracking service?
A. Yes, the standard tracking fee is $29.95 per month billable in 3 month increments. You will be charged $89.95 initially and will receive 3 months worth of unlimited tracking service.
Q. Is it legal to track someone?
A. Courts have continuously upheld the rights of vehicle owners to track their vehicles using GPS technology. Most users who run into legal trouble do so when placing trackers on vehicles that they have no legal ownership of. If you are using these trackers to track a vehicle that does not belong to you are you don't have a legal right to operate you are just asking for trouble.
Q. How often does the tracker update?
A. The default is 1 min. updates while in motion and every hour when no motion is detected (vehicle parked). You can adjust this rate to increase report rates that will in turn increase battery life.
Q. Can this tracker be hidden inside a vehicle or backpack?
A. Absolutely, the built in GPS antenna is supersensitive and will receive GPS signals under seats, in glove compartments, inside backpacks or other containers. 
Q. Will the GPS tracking server give me an exact address where the tracker is?
A. Most of the time, yes. We use Google maps and sometimes the addresses are off by a house number or two. You do have the ability to view the satellite version of the map which will show you greater detail. For instance, a tracker placed in a car in the driveway will actually show you a location indicator on the driveway. If it is parked in the street, it will show it in the street on the map.
Q. Am I able to login to the GPS server from my cell phone?
A. Yes, we have versions of the site ready for your iPhone or smartphone device including iPads. 
Q. Can I have multiple trackers on one map?
A. Yes we can accommodate fleet tracking for you at no additional charge. Simply purchase an additional tracker and we will add it to your existing map.

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