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​How to format an SD card

Posted by Dante H on Dec 6th 2019

How to format an SD card A memory card needs to be formatted on a regular basis, just like a hard drive, the data can get scattered or infected. Formatting gets rid of left over files and reorganizes the memory. When you format an sd card it will be completely erased. All data will be gone. Be sure to save any files that you want to keep.1.You need a way to read the card in y...
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Nanny Cameras - Keep an eye on the most important parts of your life.

Posted by Dave B on Nov 13th 2019

It’s your first night out in quite awhile. You just put the baby down for the night and the 4 year old is in bed and asleep. The babysitter arrived and has her books out , doing homework. This is only the second time you have used her but she comes recommended and had no problems last time. On your way to the restaurant you log in quick and check the nanny camera one last time, all looks well, the camera lets you c...
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​Workplace Hidden Cameras – Find Out Who Is Stealing From Your Office

Posted by Dante H on Oct 28th 2019

Workplace Hidden Cameras – Find Out Who Is Stealing From Your OfficeIt happened again, you went out for lunch and the cash you had in your desk drawer disappeared. It may be just a few dollars, but it is a few dollars that belongs to you. It’s not the first time this happened, you let it go before, hoping that the money would be replaced and nothing more would be said about it.Lately, Office supplies are going missing all the time and you...
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​Best Password Practices for Hidden Video and Security Cameras

Posted by Dave B on Oct 14th 2019

Best Password Practices for Hidden Video and Security CamerasA recent article from Security Sales and Integrations (see Article) informed us that: “a consumer watchdog group revealed certain cheap IP cameras found on Amazon can easily let hackers into users' homes.” Most of the less expensive cameras use a single step password protection or no password protection at all.It is some pretty scary stuff, being able to log into and control othe...
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Child Safety - Teach your children how to stay safe - Have a Plan

Posted by Dante H. on Sep 30th 2019

Take A Current Picture:The whole family is out for the big event, a fair a concert or even a trip to the mall. Take a picture of your children at the beginning of the trip, just in case. This will provide you a current picture and what clothes they are wearing. God forbid your child gets lost you can show the picture to the authorities and they can get searching right away. You may never need the picture but who has too many pictures of their ki...
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