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​Best Password Practices for Hidden Video and Security Cameras

Posted by Dave B on Oct 14th 2019

Best Password Practices for Hidden Video and Security CamerasA recent article from Security Sales and Integrations (see Article) informed us that: “a consumer watchdog group revealed certain cheap IP cameras found on Amazon can easily let hackers into users' homes.” Most of the less expensive cameras use a single step password protection or no password protection at all.It is some pretty scary stuff, being able to log into and control othe...
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Child Safety - Teach your children how to stay safe - Have a Plan

Posted by Dante H. on Sep 30th 2019

Take A Current Picture:The whole family is out for the big event, a fair a concert or even a trip to the mall. Take a picture of your children at the beginning of the trip, just in case. This will provide you a current picture and what clothes they are wearing. God forbid your child gets lost you can show the picture to the authorities and they can get searching right away. You may never need the picture but who has too many pictures of their ki...
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What private investigators do and how they do it.

Posted by Dante H. on Sep 11th 2019

What private investigators do and how they do it.We all hear about PIs and how they follow husbands and wives around to “get the dirt” on them, that is one type of investigation, there are many different types of PIs, some who are the basis for that stereo type and some who are not. They all want the same thing, information. Some types of Private investigators include: Domestic: This is the PI who is hired to find out if a spouse is cheating...
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Workplace Safety - Most common workplace safety issues are easily avoidable

Posted by Dave B on Aug 27th 2019

Most common workplace safety issues are easily avoidable with a little pre planning. These 5 basic steps will help you get organized, prepared and help to educate your employees. 1.Know where stuff is. You pay to have the fire extinguishers checked, maintained and filled. But do you know where they are?  Simple signs that point out fire extinguisher locations are important. Emergency exits and stairways should be well marked. You ma...
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​5 ways to prevent identity theft - Keep your Identity safe

Posted by Dante H on Aug 15th 2019

Don’t believe that the amount of money you make will have any effect on identity theft, Average people in average jobs with average credit are prime targets. Information from an un-named source: “I would open a credit card in your name with a mail center or box address. I’d pay the minimum while I used the card for a year using a money order. Then when they up my limit, in your name, I’d go crazy on a spending spree and the...
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