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How does GPS tracking work?

Posted by Dante H. on Jun 17th 2019

How does GPS work?GPS stands for “Global Positioning System” GPS uses satellites to triangulate your position. Starting in the late 70s GPS satellites have been placed in orbit around the earth. Most reports show that there are 31 satellites in orbit today.The satellites are operated and maintained by The United States Government. The USA makes the data from the satellites freely available to anyone with a GPS receiver. GPS receivers are c...
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Car Cameras Dash Cameras and Car Spy Cameras

Posted by Dante H. on May 24th 2019

Car dash cameras are common place now seen in trucks, personal cars and driving service vehicles like lyft and uber. There are different types of car cameras used for diverse reasons. Driving or driver cameras: This type of car camera is used to see the road ahead of the vehicle to monitor the driver’s safety practices and to determine who is at fault if there is an accident. Usually mounted to the front window this kind of camera is auto...
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Wifi Surveillance Cameras Hidden VS Visible

Posted by Dante H. on May 16th 2019

Hidden cameras are a perfect way to check to see what is going on when you are away from home. Be it a day at work or a month on vacation keeping an eye on any location business or personal is important, not only for theft but well being, yours and theirs. Wireless , WiFi spy cameras can be either hidden or visible, both have advantages and disadvantages.Hidden Camera Pros:Keep an eye on new employees, babysitters and nanniesWatch your...
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Where to place a spy camera for best results.

Posted by Dante H. on May 8th 2019

Where to place your spy camera for best results.You have decided to place a spy camera in your home or business. Its understandable. When it comes right down to it, it is your safety and your stuff. Deciding where to put a spy camera depends on what you are trying to see. There are Some questions you need to ask yourself, depending on your situation.How will this person enter the location? Do they have approved access or will it be a...
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Protect your home with a wifi security camera

Posted by Dante H. on Apr 29th 2019

Vacation time? Keep an eye on your home from far away.Vacation, is there a better word to hear? Only thing is, you need to leave the house unguarded. You have taken all the precautions. Stopped the mail and the newspapers. A car left in the driveway and your buddy said he will drive by every couple of days and check the place out. The neighbor next door, says he’ll cut the grass, the random light timers are on your packed and ready to go.Well alm...
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