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​How to locate a gps tracking device on your car

Posted by Dante H. on Apr 12th 2019

Locating a GPS tracking device can be difficult even with the best GPS detector. GPS trackers use a phone-based GSM or CDMA carrier to send their location data out. So, what you are really looking for is the signal that it sends out. The hard part is, that this signal is not always there. A GPS unit may be motion activated, to save battery life. Checking your car when it is not moving may just be a waste of your time, even the Best...
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TSCM - Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Posted by Dante H on Apr 8th 2019

Surveillance Countermeasures is the action taken to counteract a threat. AKA- counter surveillance Using a detector of some type would be considered countermeasures. Bug detectors, also known as listening device detectors or camera finders, are an efficient way to determine if a wireless or wired listening device or “Bug” has been used. Detecting a listening device or locating a hidden camera is a simple process but requires patience...
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How To Use A bug Detector

Posted by Dante H. on Apr 5th 2019

Using a bug detector requires some planning on your part. You need to be aware of all the wireless devices that are in the area that you would like to check. For example a wireless router will set off most bug detectors and cause a false reading. The same with Bluetooth devices such as phones and wireless speakers, baby monitors and similar equipment. The easiest way to prevent false alarms for these devices is to disable them. Turn o...
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The Untold Truth about WiFi Hidden Cameras

Posted by SpyGadgets Agent on Sep 25th 2015

What Other Retailers Won’t Tell YouIt’s not because they are trying to mislead you, they just don’t understand the technology. We’ve made it a point to try to help you understand exactly what you are buying. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail.The hidden camera has evolved from a convoluted mess of wires to highly technical bits of gadgetry that can be accessed from across the world in real time. Learn the capabil...
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How to Pick the Best Wifi Hidden Camera

Posted by Jon Marshall on Mar 16th 2014

WiFi Hidden Cameras are great for the user who is familiar and comfortable with wireless Internet technology.Knowing the limitations and capabilities of these systems is crucial. Before you choose a hidden spy camera consider these points. Capabilities: Covert Design Not Easily Detectable Only Requires Access to a WiFi Network and InternetDirect Connection to Internet View and Record Remotely with No Onsite PCLimitations:Requires WiFi A...
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