Car Cameras Dash Cameras and Car Spy Cameras

Posted by Dante H. on May 24th 2019

Car dash cameras are common place now seen in trucks, personal cars and driving service vehicles like lyft and uber.

There are different types of car cameras used for diverse reasons.
Driving or driver cameras:

This type of car camera is used to see the road ahead of the vehicle to monitor the driver’s safety practices and to determine who is at fault if there is an accident. Usually mounted to the front window this kind of camera is automatic and records for a predetermined amount of time and then rewrites itself. It keeps only the most recent videos. Also included with this type of driving camera are car cameras that see the road and the passenger compartment.

An interior view camera is used for driver safety , training and state of awareness.. An inside view also shows the rear passenger , this is effective for driver services when complaints are made about a driver.

Hidden car cameras also called spy car cameras are used to determine who is entering your car , taking it when the shouldn’t or just catching someone stealing from the inside of your car. This type of camera is covert, built into a phone holder or cigarette lighter adapter.

You may have seen car camera videos that show unbelievable things hat happen in front of the car. With car cameras today you will never say I wish I had my camera.