Hidden Camera Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Hidden Camera.

Posted by Jon Marshall on Jan 9th 2013

Hidden Camera Buyers Guide:
Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Hidden Camera.

Tired and confused? If you've been searching the Internet for any length of time for the perfect hidden camera and you found yourself tired and confused, Don't worry.

Follow these simple steps to getting the perfect spy camera and get your life back.

Everyone has their own reason for investing in a hidden camera.

Here are some of the most popular uses:

  • Catch a Spouse Cheating
  • Monitor a Nanny or Babysitter sitter
  • Keep Tabs on Your Kidsr Kids While You're Awaye Away
  • Stop Employee Theft And Abuse of Time

 Types of Hidden Cameras:

  • Hardwired
  • Wireless
  • Self Recording All in One
  • 4G Wireless
  • IP and Internet Accessible
  • Body Worn

1. Hardwired

These are hardly worth mentioning since there are so many better options. Hardwired hidden cameras require that you extend a wire from the unit to an external recording device. While the cost of the hardware hidden camera may seem attractive at first, once you add up everything that is required to capture the video it's simply not worth it. If you have new construction where you have access to walls and can easily run wire, you might consider installing hardwired hidden cameras like: a motion detector camera, thermostat camera, exit sign camera, emergency light camera or smoke detector camera.

2. Wireless

This type of hidden camera typically uses and ordinary household objects like an alarm clock where the transmitter is sealed inside while a separate receiver is used to receive the video from the camera. The user still needs some sort of recording device to document the video coming from the camera. While these systems are still readily available they are quickly becoming obsolete just like hardwired versions. Newer systems are using self recording all-in-one and IP and Internet streaming technology.

3. Self Recording All in One

Probably the best thing to ever happen to the covert surveillance industry is the self recording hidden camera. These systems use a built-in DVR that stores video to a SD memory card. Most self recording systems use motion activation to say both memory and the amount of time you spend reviewing the video. Prior to this type of system the user would have to sit down and fast-forward through hours upon hours of blank video highlighted by few moments of when the subject appeared in the video.

Most of our self recording hidden cameras feature motion activation along with continuous recording and scheduled recording to fit your specific need.

4. 4G Wireless

As cell phone providers increase the bandwidth of their systems were able to invent more ways to capture hidden camera video. In order to access a camera remotely users have always been limited to locations where high-speed Internet access is available. If the area you want to watch is in a Verizon 4G coverage area, and you don't have high-speed Internet access, you'll want to look at the options we have. The cost is still a little high but it will come down in the near future as wireless coverage expands.

5. IP and Internet Accessible

These systems use the Wi-Fi signal from your wireless router to transmit and receive video from your hidden camera. Or some systems use your PC as the recorder while the camera transmits the video using wireless digital encryption. Either way, you are able to remotely access your video at any time. To get the best of both worlds take a look at our secure IP hidden camera systems. They use Wi-Fi signal to transmit the video back to a lockable IP receiver that stores video to a SD memory card which also acts as an access point from the Internet. You can use your iPhone or smart phone to login remotely and you your hidden camera anytime. And when you return, you can remove the memory card and play the video back on your computer.

6. Body Worn

This category is almost self-explanatory. Body worn hidden cameras are small cameras that you wear or hold to capture video surveillance footage while you're out and about. But he warned hidden cameras can least this guys in virtually anything. We have cameras that look like a pen, sunglasses, keychain, necktie, purse, book, you name it. And of course, we have a teddy bear Nanny cam. Just as with regular hidden cameras there are hardwired, wireless, self recording all-in-one, and 4G wireless body worn cameras are just on the horizon.