How does GPS tracking work?

Posted by Dante H. on Jun 17th 2019

How does GPS work?

GPS stands for “Global Positioning System” GPS uses satellites to triangulate your position. Starting in the late 70s GPS satellites have been placed in orbit around the earth. Most reports show that there are 31 satellites in orbit today.

The satellites are operated and maintained by The United States Government. The USA makes the data from the satellites freely available to anyone with a GPS receiver. GPS receivers are common place now.

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A GPS receiver can be built into many different devices. Most common is GPS navigation found in most vehicles and smart devices today. You enter an address and the navigation unit will determine the route and give you point to point directions.

GPS tracking is a combination of navigation and cellular signals. The GPS data is collected and sent out via a cellular signal. The person or people who are using the tracking device, receive the data from the tracker, the data is then overlaid on a mapping system and shows the route that the tracker is on , such as a vehicle or a person or a cargo container.

GPS trackers have several different features including live view; this shows the actual route that the device is on right now in real time. After time; GPS Loggers keep the info and allow you to view the data later.

GPS tracking units can bet set to send notifications on movement. Activate on when the vehicle is in motion and notify you when the device has left or entered a certain per programmed area. Modern GPS is very accurate and can pinpoint a location to within a few feet. Most commercially available tracking devices can get you within about 10 feet.