How to detect hidden cameras

Posted by Dante H on Mar 12th 2020

How To Detect Hidden Cameras

Installing small cameras and spy gadgets has never been easier. They are easily available and you can install them in the smallest of corners. This has been the cause of increasing mistrust among people. While these cameras are not made for such purposes, people install them in dressing rooms, parking lots, any public place and even in homes.

The misuse of such devices is not okay and they should be used for legitimate purposes only. However, no need to worry. If you are suspicious that there are hidden cameras in your home or somewhere else you can easily detect them. Everyone needs safety and privacy and here are some ways you can detect hidden cameras.

You can do a thorough search yourself

This is one of the most convenient ways you can find a hidden camera. Physically search the place. Even places that would seem obvious to you search them as well. Sometimes we tend to miss things in plain sight. Here are a few places you can look for hidden cameras:

Unusual wires or power outlets

Wall décor

Any sort of furniture

Holes on doors


Sockets or electrical outlets

Clothes hooks

Air filters

Smoke detectors

Utilize your phone to detect hidden cameras

Now you can do this by installing an app.There are many apps you can download for free that detect hidden cameras. They usually tell you if a hidden camera is nearby with a colored glow in the app. Do note that this will happen when you approach any kind of device with radio frequency so you will have to be a bit thorough if you want to successfully detect a hidden camera through an app.

Invest in a camera detector

This is the most effective way to detect a camera but you will have to spend some money. They are not that expensive and camera detectors usually start from around more than $100.

A good camera detector you can invest in that is cost-effective as well is the Lawmate™ RD-30. It is a radio frequency transmitter hidden camera finder and bug detector. You can easily get this from Spy Gadgets and it is a great counter-surveillance device that is easy to carry and effective as well.

Bottom Line

Privacy is not a matter to be taken lightly and there are laws against illegal hidden cameras and devices as well. If you think there is illegitimate surveillance equipment then be sure to do a thorough check. Apart from the camera detector, there are many other counter-surveillance tools you can easily get from Spy Gadgets!