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Child Safety - Teach your children how to stay safe - Have a Plan

Posted by Dante H. on Sep 30th 2019

Take A Current Picture:The whole family is out for the big event, a fair a concert or even a trip to the mall. Take a picture of your children at the beginning of the trip, just in case. This will provide you a current picture and what clothes they are wearing. God forbid your child gets lost you can show the picture to the authorities and they can get searching right away. You may never need the picture but who has too many pictures of their ki...
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Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices: Welcome to the new generation.

Posted by Jon Marshall on Dec 14th 2012

What comes to mind when you hear, GPS tracking devices? If you’re thinking of the latest spy movie you watched or something about a conspiracy theory then you’re not quite up to date. Imagine what a cell phone looked like 10 years ago. Now take a look at that smart phone in your hand. This should give you an idea of how shockingly fast technology is evolving. With these amazing advances in technology in only the past decade, GPS tracking devices...
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