The Untold Truth about WiFi Hidden Cameras

Posted by SpyGadgets Agent on Sep 25th 2015

What Other Retailers Won’t Tell You

It’s not because they are trying to mislead you, they just don’t understand the technology. We’ve made it a point to try to help you understand exactly what you are buying. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail.

The hidden camera has evolved from a convoluted mess of wires to highly technical bits of gadgetry that can be accessed from across the world in real time. Learn the capabilities and limitations of the WiFi Spy Cameras being sold so that you make an educated decision.

Types of 
WiFi Hidden Cameras
Not all WiFi cameras are created equal. There are slight variations between seemingly identical systems that you won’t learn about until you buy one and get it home.

WiFi Hidden Cameras with PC Recording (PCR)

The most common type of WiFi enabled hidden cameras do not have any built in storage medium. While you can watch live video remotely, a PC running software on the same network as the camera or remotely is required to capture video footage. The PC can either be on the local network (easiest) or at a remote location with Internet access (more difficult).

WiFi Hidden Cameras with On Board Recording (OBR)

The next type of WiFi enabled spy cameras are a hybrid design comprised of an all-in-one or SD recording hidden camera combined with a WiFi interface that allows you to log in and view live video but will not let you play recorded video remotely. To view your recordings you must remove the SD card from the camera and use your computer to view the files.

WiFi Hidden Cameras with On Board Recording & Remote Playback (OBRP)

The OBRP systems are our favorite and customers tend to appreciate the ease of use and fully functionality.

Of course, with the OBRP systems you get the best of both worlds, live viewing and remote playback of recorded video. All of our systems have built in motion activated recording with optional event alert notification.