Workplace Safety - Most common workplace safety issues are easily avoidable

Posted by Dave B on Aug 27th 2019

Most common workplace safety issues are easily avoidable with a little pre planning. These 5 basic steps will help you get organized, prepared and help to educate your employees. 

1.Know where stuff is. You pay to have the fire extinguishers checked, maintained and filled. But do you know where they are?  Simple signs that point out fire extinguisher locations are important. Emergency exits and stairways should be well marked. You may think that all your people know where they are and how they work. Check into it and you may be surprised.

2.Evacuation routes. Do you have plans in place informing people how to get out of the building in case of an emergency? Even small offices need a plain and simple printed sheet with arrows that show the locations of exits and stairs plus the overall plan. Simple plans are the best.

3.Who makes the calls? Assign a person to be the one who calls 911 and a person as backup. If something happens that needs an emergency call, don’t leave it up to chance that someone or everyone will call for help. This one person will call and give details to the authorities.

4.Who is in charge? You’re the boss, so if you say everyone out, everyone goes. What happens when you are not there? Make sure you have a clear chain of command.

5.Install cameras to watch public entrances. This can be a security system or just some basic hidden cameras so you have a record of comings and goings. This may aid the authorities in determining the case of the problem.

Simple things like emergency phone numbers and contacts, should be available to every employee. Phone lists are still important along with emails. An employee contact list should be at every desk. Even small companies need to have a plan.