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Car Dash Cameras Dual View Car Camera with Emergency Record
Car Dash Camera with Interior and Exterior View


Car dash cameras aren’t just for the police.  Everyday citizens are now arming themselves with technology once reserved for a select few.  More affordable than ever, our car video cameras help you protect what matters.

Why should you invest in a camera for your car?

  • Easy to Install
  • Affordable
  • Prove you Weren’t at Fault
  • Monitor Teen Drivers
  • Make Sure Employees Are Courteous 
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  • 1080p HD Car Spy Camera Mobile Phone Dock
    1080p HD Car Spy Camera Mobile Phone Dock w/ Night Vision
    Secretly protect any vehicle using our 1080p HD Car Spy Camera. Designed to look and function like a mobile phone dock, no other car spy camera can match the hidden qualities our camera possesses.   Equipped with a...
    $349.00 $295.00
  • 1080p HD Hidden Car Charger Camera (side view)
    1080p HD Hidden Car Charger Camera - Dual USB Device Chargers
    Our 1080p HD Car Charger Hidden Camera contains everything you need to secretly record the inside of your vehicle. Making this the best spy camera for cars, the Car Charger Hidden camera features multiple design features...
  • Drive Proof Dash Camera for Car
    Drive Proof Dash Camera for Car
    2 Camera Dash Cam - Drive Proof Captures More Video Than Any Other Dash Camera .   With the Drive Proof Car Camera comes Maximum storage. This dash camera was designed for 105 hours of recording time and...
  • DAS-3000HD Dual View Car Camera
    Dual View Car Camera w/ Emergency Record
    Whether it’s for personal peace of mind or a commercial business setting, the DAS-3000HD Dual View Car Camera is the perfect car video camera. With its powerful swivel, pan and tilt mount, the black box camera can be...
  • Car Charger | Hidden Camera | IR's | Night Vision | Car Accessories | Phone Charger | In-car Camera | Discreet Car Cameras | Nanny Cam
    HD Car Charger Hidden Camera with Night Vision
    Are you looking for 24-hour in-car covert surveillance for your vehicle? This is the perfect 2 in 1 device for you; a functioning car charger and a hidden camera with night vision captures discreet 1080p HD video footage for...
  • DC5590 In-Car Dash Camera
    In-Car Camera System w/ Dual 720p HD Cameras
    The view just improved! Our In-Car Camera System features dual 720p HD color cameras that rotate 180°. The rotating cameras make adjusting the camera to the exact right position easier than competing models. You will...
    $159.00 $129.00
  • Best Dashboard Camera HDH-4000C
    The Best Dashboard Camera with LCD Touch Screen
    Combining the coverage of front facing and rearview cameras with the convenience of playback and control on a 4.3 inch LCD touch screen, the HDH-4000C is the best dashboard camera. The front facing camera is integrated on...

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