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Car Security Video Cameras for car surveillance and protection do what normal alarm systems can't.  They can capture video as it happened.  Think about how insurance companies work when you have an accident.  Nobody really wins because it's your word against theirs and whose to say you're not lying.  A car camera mounted on your dash will sit there for hours and hours just recording video unnoticed until you need the evidence. 

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  • 2 Camera Car Recorder with GPS Logger
    2 Camera Car Recorder with GPS Logger
    The final answer to all car cameras has arrived. The Dash Cam Car Camera Dually! TWO CAR CAMERAS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE BUY THE PERFECT CAR CAMERA TODAY
 - DASH CAM DUALY with G-SHOCK SENSOR The Car Camera Dash Cam Dually has...
  • DAS-3000HD Dual View Car Camera
    Dual View Car Camera w/ Emergency Record
    Whether it’s for personal peace of mind or a commercial business setting, the DAS-3000HD Dual View Car Camera is the perfect car video camera. With its powerful swivel, pan and tilt mount, the black box camera can be...
  • Best Dashboard Camera HDH-4000C
    The Best Dashboard Camera with LCD Touch Screen
    Combining the coverage of front facing and rearview cameras with the convenience of playback and control on a 4.3 inch LCD touch screen, the HDH-4000C is the best dashboard camera. The front facing camera is integrated on...

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