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  • Cell Phone Recorder with Bluetooth Sync
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  • Cell Phone Recorder with Bluetooth Sync
  • Cell Phone Recorder with Bluetooth Sync
  • Cell Phone Recorder with Bluetooth Sync
  • Cell Phone Recorder with Bluetooth Sync

Cell Phone Recorder with BlueTooth Sync

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Product Description

This Cell Phone Recorder with BlueTooth Sync is a versatile recording device that will let you record your phone calls no matter where you are. It will record your phone calls at home on a normal phone line or your cell phone calls. It also has a built in microphone and external microphone for recording normal conversations. 

To record cell phone calls you simply synch your cell phone to this recorder just like you would any other Bluetooth device (car, headset, etc..).  When a call comes in simply use the recorder like you would a normal cell phone. It has a Talk and End button and the person on the other end will never know they are being recorded.  Listen to your recordings on the unit itself or transfer to your PC for saving. 

This recorder also comes with an analog telephone recording adapter for use with normal phone lines.  If you have an office phone / PBX system then you'll need a recording adapter sold separately. 

 Cell Phone Recorder with
Bluetooth Sync and 17 Hour Battery Life 

  • Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder
  • Analog Phone Recorder
  • One Button Recording
  • Up to 17 Hours of Battery Life
Why This Cell Phone Recorder?
There are only two known voice recorders that allow you to record cell phone calls using Bluetooth.  This one allows you to record normal phone calls as well as face to face conversations.  Its metalic design makes it more durable and the simple one button recording makes it easy when you have other things on your mind.  
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will this record phone calls on someone else's cell phone?  I want to record my wife/husband without them knowing.
A. Absolutely not.  First of all it's highly illegal, secondly, the device simply won't do it.  It is designed to record your phone calls only.
Q. Are you just saying that because it's illegal but the device will really do it once I get it and use it?
A. Nope.  The technology just is not capable of doing that.  And we don't have any device that will tap a cell phone.  Sorry.

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