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Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) Hidden Cameras are unique because the video captured is stored remotely to our secure video servers.  All you need is a WiFi connection and a smartphone. View live video from your hidden camera on your smartphone and review recordings from virtually anywhere in the world.

How it Works:

  • Buy a CVR Hidden Camera Today
  • Sign Up with SGHome for a CVR Storage Plan
  • Install Your Camera
  • View Live and Review Recorded Footage from your Smartphone
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  • SGC1560WF Air Purifier CVR
    Air Purifier WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    A perfect fit for any home or office setting, this Air Purifier Surveillance Camera records Hi-Def video files straight to The SG Home Cloud! Utilizing its motion-activated sensor, it captures only the most notable action,...
  • SGC1550WF Bluetooth Speaker CVR
    Bluetooth Speaker WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    A fully operational Bluetooth Speaker can help you keep an eye on on your living room or bedroom with the built in Surveillance Camera, now with Cloud Storage! Recorded files get stored remotely on THE CLOUD SYSTEM where you...
  • SGC1540WF Covert Night Vision Smoke Detector with ac adapter
    Covert Night Vision Smoke Detector Hidden Camera CVR (Bottom View)
    Our covert smoke detector with CVR (Cloud Video Recording) makes our Hidden camera unique as all your video is stored to our secure cloud for download and viewing when you need them. The bottom view smoke detector unit can...
  • SGC1545WF Covert Night Vision Smoke Detector CVR Side View Camera
    Covert Night Vision Smoke Detector WiFi Hidden Camera CVR (Side View) A/C Powered
    This simple Cloud Based Security Camera Smoke Detector unit is a great way to keep your home or business monitored remotely! Now with the FREE SG Home Cloud App you can watch a live feed anywhere you go! The side-view smoke...
  • SGC15555WF DVD Player CVR
    DVD Player WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    A DVD player with a built in Surveillance Camera with Cloud Storage is now ready to help you keep tabs on your living room! Fully functional, this DVD player contains a built in DVR system now upgraded with THE SG HOME CLOUD...
  • SGC1525WF Hard Drive Enclosure CVR Right Side View
    Hard Drive Enclosure WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    Your work or office space has never been more secure without the Hard Drive Enclosure CVR! Now, with The SG Cloud app, you can store all your important recordings directly onto the cloud! The convenient Hard Drive design...
  • SGC8100WF LED Desk Lamp CVR
    LED Desk Lamp WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    Light up your office space with The SG Home LED Desk Lamp Security Camera With Cloud Storage! Let the unit keep tabs on your private study or office space while you’re away. This convenient desk lamp design blends...
  • SGC1570WF Mantel Clock CVR
    Mantel Clock WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    Your living room should always be comfortable, cozy, and secure! With the SG Home Mantel Clock Cloud Security Camera surveying your living space, you’ll always be able to keep your family safe. With the ability to...
  • SGC1520WF Night Vision Clock Radio CVR
    Night Vision Clock Radio WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    Sitting on your bedside table is the SG Home Wi-Fi Security Camera with Cloud Storage! A dim, nighttime display discreetly hides a hidden camera capable of recording live video footage! With our all NEW FREE SG HOME CLOUD...
  • SGC1564WF Night Vision Oscillating Fan CVR
    Night Vision Oscillating Fan WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    Keep your living room cool and safe with this Night Vision Oscillating Fan, now backed by The SG HOME CLOUD! The NEW CLOUD technology keeps your files stored remotely and securely all while this oscillating fan keeps your...
  • SGC1515WF Outdoor Power Strip CVR
    Outdoor Power Strip WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    Keep track of your driveway, lawn, patio, or backdoor area with this WiFi Hidden Camera Covert Power Strip CVR, and for the FIRST TIME now powered by THE SG CLOUD! Store your files safely and securely on The SG Cloud servers...
  • SGC1575WF Rectangle Clock CVR
    Rectangle Clock WiFi Hidden Camera CVR
    The Rectangle Clock Cloud Security Camera Video Recorder is a unique addition to any living room or study. The unique design blends smoothly with other household items all while discreetly providing live cloud video...
  • SGC1510WF Wall Clock Camera CVR with Wall Plug In
    Wall Clock Camera Hidden Camera CVR
    Count down the hours with this Wall Clock Camera! Also enjoy CLOUD STORAGE courtesy of The SG Home Cloud App, available for FREE on the app store! This unit looks and functions just like a normal household wall clock! With...
  • SGC7008WF WiFi Air Freshener CVR
    WiFi Air Freshener Hidden Camera CVR
    Capture HD video footage and store it directly to THE SG HOME CLOUD with this discreet Air Freshener Surveillance Camera! Blends perfectly into your home or office space all while it records and streams a live video feed...
  • SGC7050WF WiFi Bird Feeder CVR Front View
    WiFi Bird Feeder Hidden Camera CVR
    Hanging in your garden is your very own Bird Feeder Surveillance Camera with Cloud Recording! The built in HD camera records video straight to THE SG HOME CLOUD STORAGE SYSTEM where you can download or view the videos right...
  • SGC7001WF WiFi Cable Box CVR
    WiFi Cable Box Hidden Camera CVR
    Disguised as an everyday cable box, The SG Home Cloud Surveillance Cable Box WiFi Hidden Camera makes a great sentry for any outdoor use! Attach it to the outside surface of your home or business and monitor potential...
  • SGC7200WF WiFi Covert Night Vision Smoke Detector CVR Bottom View Camera
    WiFi Covert Night Vision Battery Powered Smoke Detector Hidden Camera CVR (Bottom View)
    Apply to any ceiling in your home or workplace and view a live feed with THE SG HOME CLOUD APP! When you’re away and not viewing the live feed, the camera’s Motion Sensor records activity straight to THE SG HOME...
  • SGC7100WF WiFi Covert Night Vision Smoke Detector CVR Side View Camera
    WiFi Covert Night Vision Battery Powered Smoke Detector Hidden Camera CVR (Side View)
    A perfect fly on the wall for your business or home, this Side-View Smoke Detector Surveillance Camera with Cloud Storage is your best tool for catching thieves and keeping safe. The standalone battery unit gives it...
  • SGC7009WF WiFi Electric Box
    WiFi Electric Box Hidden Camera CVR
    Perfectly designed to blend in to an outdoors environment, the SG HOME ELECTRIC BOX SURVEILLANCE CAMERA WITH CLOUD STORAGE is a great security tool for your home or work. Watch a live camera feed right from your mobile...
  • SGC7000WF WiFi Landscape Stone
    WiFi Landscape Stone Hidden Camera CVR
     Trying to keep an eye out for intruders in your backyard or garden? Deploy The SG Home Landscape Stone to protect your premises! Now equipped with THE SG HOME CLOUD SURVEILLANCE STORAGE SYSTEM! Video files get recorded...
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