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Computer and Cell Phone Spy Gadgets help you monitor teens, employees, or anyone using your Internet connected devices. 

  • Recover Deleted Text Messages
  • View Chat Transcripts
  • See Who They Are Calling and E-Mailing
  • Search for Pornography and Sexting 
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  • Chat Log Analyzer Chat Stick by Paraben
    Chat Stick Chat Log Analyzer
    The Chat Stick Chat Log Analyzer Assists you in easily and quickly analyzing chats from your Windows based computer. Chat programs such as Yahoo, Windows messenger, and Skype have the ability to log chats in a file on your...
    $129.95 $95.00
  • Data Recovery Software Stick
    Data Recovery Software Stick Recover Deleted Files
    Recover deleted files from your PC very easily with the data recovery software stick. A USB stick loaded with law-enforcement grade forensic file recovery software. Until recently, recovering deleted files from your computer...
    $199.00 $119.00
  • iPhone spy software and recovery stick
    iPhone Spy Software and Recovery Tool
    **Works with ALL versions of IOS** The iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick is the first data recovery device for the Apple iPhone or iPad. With the iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick, you can recover text messages, phone call...
    $169.00 $129.00
  • Android Deleted Data Recovery Stick
    Phone Recovery Stick for Android Windows Phones
    The Windows Android Recovery Stick will help you recover critical data that may have been lost or deleted from your smart phone. Recover Deleted Date Including SMS Text Messages, Contacts, Photos, Music, Documents Download...
    $199.00 $129.00
  • Smart Phone Digital Force Recorder
    Smart Phone Digital Voice Recorder Lets You Record Your Cell Phone Calls Easily
    Record Your Cell Phone Calls The Smart Phone Digital Voice Recorder lets you record your cell phone calls easily and discretely. Designed to work with the iPhone or any smart phone with a 3.5 mm jack with four-pole...

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