DD1200 WEGA-1 Spy Finder Review

DD1200 review

The WEGA-1 spy finder is an upgrade to the top of the line. This unit has a solid feel, a metal body and responsive buttons. If you need to locate pinhole cameras you need to get one of these.

The power button starts the LEDs flashing and then you can control the intensity of the LEDS with the brightness buttons. wega-1-spyfinder.jpgLower brightness for darker areas and closer searches. Higher brightness for longer distance and lighter areas being searched.

Pinhole cameras, so called because they can see out of a very small hole, as small as a 1/16-inch hole. They all are designed in such a manner that the WEGA-1 will cause a reflection from the lens that you can see through the aperture.

This spy camera finder has an infrared filter included in the aperture view port to help you avoid false readings by blocking out natural reflections so you can concentrate on hidden cameras.

A simple 5-minute scan of any area that should be private is all the time it takes to assure your privacy.