DD1203 Review

DD12031 review
A Bug detector with a Bar graph and Vibrating Indicator, This “Bug Detector” is from the iProtect line. I don’t have any bugs to find (I hope). But, I thought I would check one out.
It comes in a nice box it is form fit and solid feeling, it includes batteries and a cool little tool to open the battery compartment. I got it up and running pretty quick, did I mention the batteries were included?

What does it do?
It’s designed to help you locate hidden transmitters (bugs). Analog and digital RF Transmitters, GSM bugs, wireless body mics and cell phone signals.

Its got some hi-tech specs.
Detects Analog and Digital Transmissions
30 MHz to 6000 MHz Frequency Range
10 Segment RF Signal Strength Indicators
Adjustable Sensitivity for Pinpointing Bugs and Eliminating False Signals
Uses Two AAA Batteries

What’s in the box?
The DD1203
2 AAA Batteries
Screw removal tool
Instruction manual
Mini antenna
Design and Features
It has a good solid metal case and a screw to hold the batteries in. It beats trying to pry open a plastic door. The operation was straight forward with some help for the manual and I was able to see the bar graph jump when I used my phone, It will only find an working signal. The little button acts as a joystick to control the operation. When I was on a call it was flashing like crazy and then back to low reading when I hung up. So I take that as a good sign that it would find a hidden cell phone, being used to spy on you.