DD12051 Review

This is a cool little handheld bug sweeping wand, it fits in your briefcase, backpack or pocket easily. No difficult controls, just turn it on and go. Whenever you want to be sure that you are not being bugged use this DD12051 
Protecting yourself in the modern digital age, is difficult to say the least. Wireless bugs and transmitters are easily obtained on the internet from multiple suppliers. You need to find a way to keep your conversations and actions private. Your life is complicated enough with the added stress of finding out that your business meeting is being broadcast out to your competition.
Using this unit is really simple, install the battery, turn on an begin your sweep. If you find a wireless signal that you can’t identify use the attenuator function switch to narrow down the location od a hidden transmitter.
New people in your life should be checked as well, You can practice on yourself running the wand across your arms legs and torso keeping a 6-8 inch every new executive or assistant or just about any person with whom you are going to discuss anything more than the weather should be checked.