DD801 - Best Bug Detector - Detect Wireless Bugs and Hidden Cameras

This LawGrade, pro sweep defender deluxe is a premier countermeasures detection unit.  If you need a multi-function bug detection device, this is the unit for you.  Featuring five different detection options, the DD 801 best bug detector will locate a multitude of surveillance devices. 

Beginning with the camera finder, it is easily connected to the top of the unit, then the unit will automatically change over to hidden camera finding mode.  Simply look through the aperture and search the local area for hidden pinhole cameras.  
Now, disconnect the wired camera finder and engage the wireless detector.  You can now begin to search for wireless hidden cameras and wireless microphones.  As you begin to search, you will notice the level meter on the front of the unit, this level meter will increase as you get closer to a wireless source.  Once you have determined the general area of the spy device, you can begin a physical search for it. 

When having, an in person conversation, or a telephone conversation, engage the white noise generator, the unit will emit an oscillating static, that helps to mask your voice during conversations.  The added benefit of the white noise generator is that any voice activated recorders in the vicinity will be activated and record only white noise, hopefully, using up any internal memory the recording device has.  The white noise generator will also help to deter laser tapping as it will create an interference static, that will make it difficult for lasers to hear voices inside the room. 

Using the included cables and accessories, you can connect this bug locator directly to your desk phone.  This will give you the opportunity to check the phone line itself for series or parallel transmitters, also any tapping devices that may be connected to your computer or fax. 

This device is used by private security, law enforcement and many agencies all over the world. It is able to detect active Bluetooth and wifi devices, all wired and wireless video cameras, active radio transmitters, even ones using AM and FM analog modulation standard, 3G4G , GSM, CDMA and WCDMA bugs and transmitters.