DD801 Review

DD801 review

Check out the best bug detector, easily detect covert listening devices, wireless hidden cameras and much more. This detector has multiple features and is used by serious counter surveillance professionals.dd801.jpg

It starts out as a Camera lens finder, attach the LED box to the top and you can search for hidden pinhole cameras whether they are turned on or not, yes, this will find a mini pinhole lens even if it is off or even disconnected. So, even if the previous resident of your office had a hidden camera that they disconnected you can still find it and deal with the possibility of others.

Now move on to the wireless camera detector, using the built in antenna you will be able to search for any transmitting device. RF wireless cameras, audio bugs, cell phone bugs, GSM and CDMA transmitters and more, can be located. You will be able to search for live GPS trackers as well.

Use the included phone connections to check your desk phone. Connect in line on your phone and check for spy devices like phone recorders, connected to your phone line. Series and Parallel transmitters can be on the FAX and PC line as well sending voice or data out.