DD802 - Defender EZ -Bug Detector - Lens Finder Review

When seeing this RF bug detector for the first time you may be a bit

surprised by the size and feel of it. It’s sleek looking lightweight
and looks ready for use.  It is packaged in a fitted box with add802.jpg battery and the lens finder attachment. There is a tech support video link card and a manual, both easy to read and make sense.

Once you install the battery you can use this bug checker to look for all kinds of cameras. The little attachment on the top flashes towards the front and you look through the back, pinhole camera lenses are identified by a red dot reflecting back at you.

Once you have that figured out, you can move onto the wireless detector. You need to remove the camera finder attachment and then, when you turn it on it changes to wireless search automatically.  You can check around and get some signals from your router and other wireless things in your home. Turn off all the wireless items you know of to prevent false alarms.