DD802 - Defender EZ -RF Detector and Camera Lens Finder

The DD802 Defender EZ , is a DIY multi use, RF wireless signal finder and hidden camera locator. This entry level unit has all the best features usually found in professional RF countermeasures units. That doesn’t mean it’s any less effective.  This is a tried and true device and is very effective on classic as well as modern wireless devices like cameras and bugs. 
This is a full sweep unit designed to be used in multiple locations, searching for multiple types of covert items.  

The lens finder is easily attached to the top of the unit adding an extra aspect to the detector that some others don’t have.  Use the camera finder attachment, to locate pinhole cameras, hidden in everyday devices. The flashing LEDs pinpoint the location of the pinhole lens and gives you a bright reflection identifying the exact location.  

The RF wireless detector scans frequencies between   10MHz ~ 8GHz, looking for wireless microphones, audio transmitting bugs and many other wireless signals, within the frequency range.  The meter level will increase as you approach a wireless device, the unit is completely silent so you can use it to find audio devices without alerting the person or people who installed it.  You will be able to narrow down the location to a small search area, to physically search for a spy device. 

Once you are sure that you have eliminated all the cameras and wireless threats , you can move on  to the phone lines and start checking for wireless series type bugs infinity taps and PC and fax machine eavesdropping.