DD9005 analog wireless camera hunter locate wireless cameras

Our camera hunter is a dedicated unit, made especially for finding hidden wireless cameras. The built in Monitor will show the image from the hidden camera, effectively cutting into the signal being used to send out hidden video, from your location, to who knows where. This Wireless hunter automatically locks onto any wireless camera transmission, quickly and easily finding cameras, and then lets you see what the cameras see. The color TFT monitor displays the video image while the LCD window shows the frequency that the camera is transmitting on. This device scans wireless camera bands and automatically locks onto a signal and sets off an alarm. Since you will be able to see yourself you can find a hidden camera instantly.
The dual antennas will search for 900Mhz to 5 ghz and 5ghz to 6 ghz respectively. So you won’t miss any wireless devices this unit will also locate and lock onto audio signals as well, no image will be provided , but you can search by sound to determine where a bug might have been placed. Depending on your choice of sensitivity setting you can pick up a hidden camera at approx. 200 feet away. This makes checking large areas for cameras much easier.
Your client or VIP will can rest assured that you will be able to located and deal with a hidden camera threat right away.