DD9005 Review

This is the camera hunter. This item is designed to find analog cameras.  It’s a wireless camera finder with a bonus. It will see what the hidden camera sees. Check this out, you get this unit up and running and then, it will begin to scan the area for signals. Whatever hidden video signal it finds it will show the image from it on the built-in screen. Once it starts scanning it will find video and audio signals.
The audio signals will be just sound coming through the speaker if you have a source of sound like a radio playing you can follow the sound to where the device is hidden.
If the Camera Hunter finds and then locks onto, a wireless video signal then you will see what the camera sees so just look for the area the camera is showing, then get the camera.
Remember to check again even if you think you got all the covert devices. Some may have been left in easy to find spots so you would think you had found them all.

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