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  • EZ Nanny Camera - 720p HD Digital Picture Frame DVR
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  • EZ Nanny Camera - 720p HD Digital Picture Frame DVR

EZ Nanny Camera - 720p HD Digital Picture Frame DVR

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Product Description

EZ Nanny Camera System


Meet the nanny camera so simple to setup, you’ll be recording in seconds. Our EZ Nanny Camera system features a built-in DVR, 720p HD resolution, a removable memory card, and motion/continuous recording. The EZ Nanny Camera system eliminates complicated setup menus. Simply insert the memory card, plug in the power, and flip the recording mode switch to motion or continuous. Nothing could be easier! 




720p HD DVR


Installed in your EZ Nanny Camera is a 720p HD DVR and crystal clear color camera. Every event is recorded by your device and the video is stored onto a removable memory card.


Motion/Continuous Recording


Switching between motion activation or continuous recording has never been easier. Simply toggle the switch on your device to select between motion activated or continuous recording. The EZ Nanny Camera system eliminates complicated menus and the hassle of keeping up with a drawer full of accessories.


Easy PC and Mac Playback


Playing back your videos should be simple. We agree! Every file you record using the EZ Nanny Camera System can be played back on a PC or Mac. When you're ready to play back remove the memory card from your Digital Picture Frame DVR and insert it into your computer.




  • EZ DVR design

  • 720p HD resolution

  • Nanny Camera DVR

  • Removable memory card

  • Motion and continuous recording

  • Mac and PC compatible video

  • Time/Date stamp




  • Resolution 1280 x 720 HD

  • 1.3 MP CMOS

  • Adjustable frame rate (1-30 fps)

  • 2 Recording modes: motion/continuous

  • Memory card: 32GB max

  • Time/Date stamp

  • File type: .AVI

  • Operating temp: 14-130 F

  • Mac and PC playback




  • EZ Digital Picture Frame DVR

  • Manual




Q. Can I playback the video files on a Mac?
A. Yes, the video files can be playback on a Mac and a PC.

Q. Do I have to connect the AC Adapter camera to a TV or a computer before I can record?
A. No, the camera setup was designed to be as simple as possible. To begin just insert the SD card, use the toggle switch to select the type of recording needed (motion or continuous), then plug the AC adapter into your outlet.

Q. How well does the camera record in low light?
A. The camera can operate and record a clear image under low lighting conditions equivalent to dusk. If you anticipate that recording will occur at night, we recommend using motion activated lighting in the  area near the camera. The motion activate lighting and motion activated camera will generally activate at the same time and will result in more optimal light conditions for recording video. 

Q. I cannot get the time/date to set properly, what do I do?
A. The most important step is formatting the memory card. To format the card plug the ac adapter into an outlet for 30 seconds (we recommend 45 seconds). Completing this step will format the card. The second most important step is getting the date format correct. Use the following date format YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS. Yes, the dashes and colons need to be there, and the spacing also needs to match. 


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