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GPS Spy Equipment Super TrackStick Passive GPS Tracking Device
Micro Real-Time GPS Tracking Device by BlackOps


Sometimes a standard GPS Tracker is too obvious for the situation at hand. That's where you need to be a little more covert. Our GPS Spy Equipment is designed for rapid deployement, easy concealability, and minimal detection potential.

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  • BlackOps GPS Tracking Device
    Micro Real-Time GPS Tracking Device by BlackOps™
    The micro real-time GPS tracking device by BlackOps™ enables you to covertly locate and track an asset virtually anywhere in the world. Using a high sensitive GPS antenna featuring SIRFIII technology and GSM location...
  • GPS Child Locator by BlackOps GPS Tracking
    Child GPS Locator - Real Time GPS Tracker for Your Child
    Locate your Child with a GPS Locator during an emergency situation.  Small, rechargeable GPS tracker can be used for up to 4 days between charges.  Panic button sends you a text message when your child needs help...
  • GPS Tracker for Car - The OBD Tracker by BlackOps GPS Tracking
    GPS Car Tracker with Real Time Live View by BlackOps GPS Tracking
    The BlackOps™ OBD GPS Tracker for Cars is THE FASTEST installable tracker available, period. Simply plug the tiny GPS Tracker into the OBD port on your vehicle. That’s the port your mechanic plugs into to...
    $495.00 $295.00
  • iTrail GPS Logger Magnetic Case
    iTrail GPS Logger Magnetic Case
    This sturdy, weather resistant case is made especially for the iTrail GPS Logger (or anything you else would like to keep in a weather resistant box). The heavy-duty magnet on the bottom will ensure that the GPS box stays...
  • "Bait Bottle" GPS Tracker hidden inside medicine bottle.
    Pill Bottle GPS Tracker
    Introducing the Pill Bottle GPS Tracker, a micro sized covert GPS tracking device used to track the movement of stolen drugs from pharmacy theft or robbery. This “Bait Bottle” system uses GPS satellites and cell...
  • Professional Tracking Key GPS Data Logger
    Professional Tracking Key GPS Data Logger
    This Professional Tracking Key GPS Data Logger features enhanced battery life and data recording. Small enough to fully conceal in any vehicle, yet powerful enough to record weeks of tracking data, this logger is an...
  • SilverCloud Live GPS Tracker
    SilverCloud Live GPS Tracker with 3 Second Updates
    Take tracking to the next level with a SilverCloud Live GPS Tracker. Real-time GPS tracking opens up a new world of applications without the hassle of having to constantly retrieve and upload data. Imagine simply opening an...
  • SilverCloud™ Sync Covert GPS Tracking Device
    SilverCloud™ Sync OBD Covert GPS Tracking Device
    This SilverCloud™ Sync Covert GPS Tracking Device module plugs into a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD-II) for real-time monitoring. The module reports changes in essential vehicle data including ignition...
  • Tracking Key GPS Data Logger
    Tracking Key II GPS Data Logger
    Easily fitting in the palm of your hand, this sophisticated Tracking Key GPS Data Logger is ideal for attaching to a variety of vehicles with its powerful magnetic mounting system. Although the magnet makes it easy to...

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