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  • Hidden Camera DVR Air Freshener 4K Resolution
  • Air Freshener Professional Hidden Camera on Table - Zen
  • Hidden Camera DVR Air Freshener 4K Resolution
  • Air Freshener Professional Hidden Camera with Artwork (not included)

Hidden Camera 4K DVR Air Freshener

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Product Description

The Hidden Camera DVR Air Freshener now gives you (2880 x 2160) 4K high resolution, 128GB video storage capacity, and a super wide angle 140 degree lens.  A 90 day standby life battery will give you 16 hours of constant recording but the body heat sensing PIR motion sensor will only activate and use battery power when motion is detected.   


New 4K Resolution

Resolution matters when trying to identify someone on video.  Not all situations dictate the use of the best resolution though. Our new 4K hidden camera DVR Air Freshener puts the power of choice in your hands.


Resolution modes and frame rates:



Frames Per Second


2880 X 2160



2560 X 1440



1920 X 1080

30 or 60 FPS


1280 X 720

30 or 60 FPS



Motion Detection by PIR

The Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detection sensor puts the DVR and Camera into a hibernation mode to save battery life when waiting for movement.  Once motion is detected, the DVR and camera will start up and begin recording within a few seconds. The system returns to hibernation mode once motion is no longer detected.


Time and Date Overlay

What good is video evidence if you don’t know when an event occurred?  It’s a little known fact that most prosecutors will not even accept video as evidence in a legal proceeding unless a valid time and date can be established.  Our system gives you proof positive time and date with an on screen overlay as well as a filename that has an embedded time and date code.


Mac and PC Compatible

The system saves your files as an AVI. To review the recorded video simply remove the memory card from the camera and use your Mac or PC to view the video.  While the default players work well, we suggest downloading VLC Player. It seems to be more suited for surveillance video.


TV Video Out and Menu Based Programming

Concealed behind the ordinary, everyday disguise, your 4K Hidden Camera is really a fully programmable, very customizable security DVR system that rivals those found being used in high end installations around the world.

The included video out cable and remote control lets you use your existing TV to program the internal DVR board using our menu-based system.


Audio Enabled

Audio can be enabled for law enforcement and export customers only.  Please inquire before purchasing.



  • Up to 4K Resolution

  • 90 Day Standby Battery Life

  • 16 Hour of Continuous Battery Life

  • Various Resolution and Frame Rate Adjustable

  • Motion Activated Recording

  • Time and Date Overlay

  • Up to 128GB Memory Card Capacity

  • Memory Card Overwrite or Stop When Full

  • Composite Video Out Port for Programming on your TV

  • IR Remote Control for Menu Based Programming

  • AVI File Type: Plays with Your Existing Video Player



  • Hidden Camera DVR Air Freshener w/ 4K Resolution

  • SD Card

  • Video Out Cable

  • Remote Control

  • Instruction Manual



Why This Air Freshener Professional Hidden Camera?


Whether it’s a boardroom, tool shed, or your nasty hunting trailer, people stink! Who would take a second glance at this decorative stink-hiding machine? If you have a theft problem, a cheating problem, or you just want to know what’s going on when you’re not there, buy this today!


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