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Hidden cameras are designed to look like everyday objects you would normally find in your normal surroundings.  We build our systems to be disguised so that you can easily capture video at any location in and around your home, workplace.


1080P USB Charger Hidden Camera DVR

$199.99 $99.00

*The live view server for this product is down at this time. Only local connection is possible right now, all other features are unaffected.* USB Charger Night Vision Hidden Camera packed into your ordinary USB Wall Charger. Clear 1080P Resolution with...

WiFi Spy Camera Clock Radio

$399.00 $315.00

The WiFI Spy Camera Clock Radio is a working Sony clock radio with a pinhole spy camera and WiFi transmitter hidden inside. Using your existing WiFi network you will be able to record hidden video using your PC on site or a computer off site. Easily log...

Smoke Detector WiFi Hidden Camera

$379.00 $299.00

The WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera uses your wireless internet router to let you access and record hidden video locally and remotely. Before you read on be sure and understand that you must get a power wire to the smoke detector before it will work...

Wall Outlet 4K Hidden Camera WiFi DVR


This fully functional 6 plug wall outlet with 2 USB charging ports conceals a 4K resolution hidden camera with DVR.  All outlets are fully operational and all of the hidden camera components are neatly tucked away inside away from suspicious eyes...

WiFi Mini Clock Spy Nanny Camera

$249.00 $214.00

The WiFi Mini Clock Spy Camera is a full-featured covert surveillance system designed to look like a mini digital clock. High-resolution video is saved to a micro SD card while the WiFi module streams live video to your Internet connected...