Hidden DVR Cameras

Hidden DVR Cameras make it very easy to install a surveillance camera with a built in DVR just about anywhere.  These cameras are designed to look like everyday objects like alarm clocks, wall clocks, air purifiers, ac adapters, and so much more. Motion activated video is a standard feature on most of these cameras with DVR.  Also, HD resolution and night vision are available on select models. Do you need to be able to watch your hidden camera from a Smartphone over the internet? Check out our WiFi Hidden Cameras.

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1080P USB Charger Hidden Camera DVR

$199.99 $99.00

*The live view server for this product is down at this time. Only local connection is possible right now, all other features are unaffected.* USB Charger Night Vision Hidden Camera packed into your ordinary USB Wall Charger. Clear 1080P Resolution with...

1080P HD AC Adaptor DVR


Highest Quality AC Adaptor Hidden Camera Designed, supported, and shipped right here in the U.S.! When you need a reliable, plug, record and play hidden camera that is easy to use, then the choice is easy. Our 1080P HD AC Adapter Hidden Camera has...

1080p HD Black Box Spy Camera

$399.99 $234.00

Stash and go cameras are an excellent choice when you need to rapidly deploy a hidden camera. Our 1080p HD Black Box Spy Camera suits the stash and go scenario, perfectly. Whether you need 1080p HD hidden surveillance, portability, or simply a DVR that...

1080P P2P Touch Screen DVR


The all-new 1080P P2P Touch Screen DVR by LawMate Technology™ is the latest professional 3 1/4" self-recording DVR. The P2P Touch Screen DVR comes with a touch screen and a newly designed Twist On/Off Water Resistant 1080p Button Camera...

AC Adapter DVR Cord Camera

$449.00 $395.00

When it comes to the AC Adapter DVR Cord Camera think snake camera but hidden. Built-In DVR. Inside the AC Adapter Cord Camera you’ll find a high quality DVR that record all the action onto a removable memory card. To access the removable memory...

AC Adapter Hidden Camera With Built in DVR

The AC Adapter hidden camera with built-in DVR is one of those devices that makes us wonder why nobody thought of this sooner. If you have an AC outlet near the area you want to place under surveillance, this hidden camera system may be the one for you...

Keychain Spy Camera


Get your hands on the latest LawMate Keychain Spy Camera and DVR. This newly redesigned model is on trend and finished with a sleek new body featuring the smallest 5M pin-hole camera made precisely for recording. The PV-RC200HD2(KR) is a 4 in 1 device,...

LawMate Surveillance Kit


The LM2000 LawMate Surveillance Kit is the ultimate built-in hidden camera security suites. Featuring 6 of our most blendable items available. This kit was developed for on-the-go surveillance from the field to the files. You will be able to tail a...

P2P 1080P DVR Button Camera Bundle


The all-new PV-500N-BUNDLE by LawMate Technology™ is the latest all-in-one professional 3 1/4" 1080p Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi DVR & Button Camera Set. The Bundle comes with a newly designed Twist On/Off Water Resistant 1080p Button Camera...

P2P Handheld 1080P Black Box DVR


The all-new PV-500NEO by LawMate Technology™ is the latest all-in-one professional 3 1/4" 1080p Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi  Black Box DVR. The Black Box DVR comes with no screen and a newly designed Twist On/Off Water Resistant 1080p Button...

Power Adapter Hidden Camera

$145.00 $125.00

The Power Adapter Hidden Spy Camera with built-in memory and USB port houses a micro pinhole color camera and internal DVR.  Motion activated video is captured and saved when movement is detected.  This adapter also has a 5 volt USB plug so you...

Wall Outlet 4K Hidden Camera WiFi DVR


This fully functional 6 plug wall outlet with 2 USB charging ports conceals a 4K resolution hidden camera with DVR.  All outlets are fully operational and all of the hidden camera components are neatly tucked away inside away from suspicious eyes...

Wall Switch Hidden Camera DVR w/ 720p HD

Stick it and forget it, nothing scores higher for room-to-room security than our  all-in-one Wall Switch Hidden Camera DVR. Reposition the systems location to gain the advantage, with the Wall Switch Hidden Camera system, the only thing that is...

Watch Camera with Night Vision


The Watch Camera with Night Vision is absolutely amazing to see.  It captures high resolution, color video during the day and night vision video when the lighting situation goes dark.  Watch Camera with Night VisionHigh Resolution 1920 X 1080...

Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera DVR


One of the problems with hidden cameras is that people can tend to move them out of position unintentionally. This Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera solves that problem.If you have an electrical outlet high enough off the floor to capture the area of the...