iProtect 1216 - 3-Band RF Wireless Detector Scan 3 Bands At Once

This 3 band wireless detector will find digital and analog signals both audio and video. This camera and big finder will scan 3 bands at one time so you don’t miss a thing. Once you have located a signal you can begin to narrow down the area by changing the sensitivity on the 1216, using the built-in filters you can even automatically drown out some background noise that may cause interference and “Cover up” a hidden transmitting device. The dual antennas on this handheld sweep unit pick up a wide range of RF from 50MHz 12GHz. These may just sound like numbers but they cover most every device audio, video GSM and CDMA.
Using the All bands or 1 band setting will give you a more precise location on a specific type of device, the histogram bar graph will show 5 second of history, when in the one band mode so you can watch for sound or voice activated devices that may not be putting out a constant signal.
With setting for Silent or sound this transmitter locator, in silent mode wont let anyone know what you are doing, the sound mode will alarm on signals that have been located .Both options have pros and cons.
The metal case fits well in your hand and the rechargeable battery will hold out for about 6 hours so you will have plenty of time to locate concealed devices, transmitters and hidden cameras.