IPROTECT1203- DD12031 RF wireless signal detector Locate 3G 4G LTE Bluetooth

The DD12031 RF wireless signal detector Joins the line of Premiere Counter Surveillance devices, and now covers a frequency range of 50MHZ to 800GHZ. This RF bug sweeper is the perfect addition to your counter surveillance kit. Using it as a broad band listening device detector, it will help you locate the most sinister of hidden transmitters and wireless cameras. Then using the built in attenuator you can narrow down the location of even the lowest power digital signals.
Specially designed to help block out background interference, like am/ fm and similar local high power interference. The iProtect DD12031 is especially good at finding modern signals like SM, 3G, 4G (LTE), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. By using the vibration or silent mode you will be able to locate most spy devices without alerting the persons who placed the device.
This bugging detection device adds a level of confidence to your bug sweeps that will help you be sure that your office or your client’s office is secure for sensitive business conversations and personal details to be discussed.
The use of a simple bug detector like this one should be used in a daily sweep for clandestine transmitters. Once you have done a full countermeasures sweep and are aware of the normal signals in that area, You should be able to check an entire room in the span of a few minutes. That few minutes could be the difference between secure and uncertain.
This device along with the rest of the iProtect line are designed and manufactured by security industry professionals.