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This is the brand new countermeasure device for laser surveillance, the Laser Surveillance Defeater, a highly sophisticated tool to defeat laser surveillance. People who want to use laser surveillance against you will use an unseen laser beam and focus it on your window. This captures sounds and voices from inside the room, then it transmits the sound onto the laser beam and out to the receiver, which demodulates the signal, then the receiver processes the signal and amplifies it resulting in the surveyor being able to hear conversations, sounds, and movements inside the room that is being laser surveyed. Spy's can be listening to your private conversations from a distance of a mile or more. Laser Surveillance equipment is restricted in the United States are highly expensive, therefore, they are mostly used my federal agencies. Thankfully, the new Laser Surveillance Defeater has been developed as a countermeasure against this type of spying. After developing the Laser Surveillance equipment the government felt as if they were vulnerable since this laser spy technology might get into the wrong hands. Laser Surveillance Defeater was designed portable, effective, inexpensive, and compact. What it does is jams, interrupts, and masks the laser's demodulation by way of transmitting human vocal frequencies to a window that basically drowns out the real conversation being held. Most Laser Surveillance have a feature called the notch filter, which allows human vocals to be isolated and enhanced, this is why Laser Surveillance Defeater was created to defeat those specific filters by concentrating its output of frequency to the mean of human vocal range, this way if the notch filter is applied, the notch filter will work against itself by filtering out a huge part of the human voice range, which deems the results unusable. The Laser Surveillance Defeater, a perfect device for corporate facilities, homes, government offices, and homes is an ideal device to keep your surroundings safe and confidential. Really any room with a window and is used as a place for confidential conversation can be a potential risk for spy's using laser surveillance. This portable device uses suction to allow instant installation and removal. It is powered by a 9 volt battery that is included; run time per battery is 500 operational hours. It is equipped with a blue LED Power display indicator and On/Off switch. 1-unit per window required.
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