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Shomer-Tec's Mossad Pen is an incredible breakthrough in concealed ink technology. With the ability to transform from visible to non-visible format, and back again is what makes this high-tech covert ink so amazing. The Mossad Pen keeps your high security hand written documents concealed and confidential for secret transport and storage. Re-formatting the ink from invisible to visible can be accomplished quickly and easily. The Mossad Pen make use of the most advanced gel pen technology so the writer only has to press lightly reducing or eliminating indentions on the paper making your confidential handwritten text even more safe. After writing your message, a blow-dryer to heat the paper and watch the ink simply disappear. When the message needs to be retrieved, place the message in the freezer and the ink transforms to its original, readable form. The ink can be transformed from visible to non-visible as often as needed. Feel confident that your private notes will be secure with the Mossad Pen including ledgers, brain storming, drawings, and any hand written document of high security and value. Even law enforcement searches are not likely to reveal documents written with a Mossad Pen. Shomer-Tec's Mossad Pen makes your documents so secure, interception is unlikely, an security can be increased by using the Mossad Pen in discrete places; such as, in the margins of a cover hand written letter, or on the back of a printed document. The Mossad Pen creates a new way to send secure messages, and has created a way to make "snail mail" secure again, providing a way to send a letter in the mail in a secure manner for sensitive information that is not at risk of interception electronically. The pen that houses the Mossad Pen ink is ergonomically designed for comfort. The ink is black, and has a 0.7 mm writing tip. Refill cartridges are available for purchase. The Mossad Pen ink is designed to only work on white paper.
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