RD-10 Review

The lawmate RD-10 is an ideal RF detector. Getting the best of both worlds seems possible with this device. To start it operates on 2 AAA batteries and will run long enough for you to do multiple searches. Find pinhole cameras with ease using the lens finder set on flash or solid light. Just scan the room looking for bright red spots reflecting back at you through the viewfinder.

Using the wireless bug detector feature is just as easy, use the antenna at full length and turn the wireless switch to High sensitivity. Now watch the signal meter for the strength of the signal. You may get so close to a transmitter that the device will not stop going off. Then you change the sensitivity switch to low. Then you can get close to the offending bug.

Overall this is a nice little handheld multi function unit. It includes a user guide that is pretty easy to understand 2 AAA batteries and comes in a nice form fit box. The unit itself is only about 3 X 2 inches and about ½ inch thick. (with the antenna down) It’s pretty easy to get it going and start finding stuff. It picks up on a lot of wireless signals anything from 20Mhz to 6 Ghz.

Where to buy? RD-10 Bug Detector