RFP1215 - review

This aluminum body bug detector wand, the Black ops probe, is a nice handheld wireless signal locator. It has a wide frequency range aiding you in locating of hidden microphones and wireless cameras. This bug detector is perfect for small areas where you need to do a quick search for RF signals that don’t belong. Generally wireless microphones and wireless hidden cameras operate in the 5 GHZ range. With this units available range from 4 Ghz to 13 Ghz it offers the ability to find mast any device, audio or video, that is sending out a wireless RF signal.
Using this RF detector wand is not difficult even for a DIY or Novice user. Once you get the battery in and the device turned on you can begin to sweep immediately as you work your way around the room you will see multiple wireless signals some you will determine to be acceptable like your Wifi router. As you locate each signal you should determine what it is a deal with it, either turn it off, if you know what it is or find out what it is an take the next steps to prevent it from operating.