NG2000- Cell Phone Detector and white noise generator detect cellular signals


This cell phone detector is designed to be carried with you to detect active cell phone signals. Plus it will help protect you from eavesdropping in open areas. The white noise generator will provide a masking effect for conversations in areas where you can’t control the entire environment.

White noise to us sounds like an oscillating static sound. But it is actually a rotating set of non modulated audio frequencies. (no voice). This type of “white noise” is very difficult to mask or filter out of audio recordings no matter if they are using a RF Microphone a GSM bug device or even a handheld mini recorder. NOT a cell phone signal blocker this unit is made to cover your voice and disrupt recordings.

This device will also detect wireless signal transmitted in your area. A GSM Bug or a Wireless bug / Wi-Fi bug will send out a signal, the NG2000 will scan the immediate area for this type of signal and notifying you quickly of a threat, using separate methods to notify you.

Keeping this unit on and ready will also alert you if a GSM or CDMA covert device activates during your conversation. You can be confident that this slim card size detector will help you’re your private conversations , private.