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  • Road-Stars_Portable-Spike-Strip-Alternative
    4 Pack of ROAD STARS
    If you are looking for additional security of your private property, or just some law enforcement type situation such as an immediate vehicle-disabling roadblock, Road Stars are the perfect item. Don't be deceived by its...
  • CIA_Covert_Cutter_Shomer-Tec
    CIA Covert Cutter is a production of Shomer-Tec and is an upgrade of the classic and old CIA Letter Opener for today applications. Manufactured out of GV3H, which is a state-of-the-art composite from Switzerland and 30...
  • Carbon-Fiber-Ventilator_Self-Defense-Tool
    The all black Carbon Fiber Ventilator appears to be a cheap pen you can wear on your shirt pocket, however, in reality it is a self-defense tool you can carry with you at all times in case of an emergency situation. It is...
  • Defense-Wrench_Self-Defense-Weapon
    It was Kelly Warden who designed the Defense Wrench, a pocket sized, self-defense weapon. This self-defense weapon was designed after the amazing success of the Impact Kerambit. This is a device that offers three specific...
  • Emerson-Non-Metallic-Kerambit_Covert-Weapon_Low Profile Weapon
    The Emerson Non-Metallic Kerambit is another variety of the Original Standard Emerson Kerambit, and is extensively used in those conditions where you require an extremely lightweight, tough, non-metallic, non-conductive and...
  • Handcuff Shim Pick | Shomer-Tec
    Shomer-Tec's Handcuff Shim Pick is used to efficiently help in opening any handcuffs with jammed locks, or locks that have broken keys in its inside. With the Handcuff Shim Pick around, you no longer need to use a saw or...
  • Car Charger | Hidden Camera | IR's | Night Vision | Car Accessories | Phone Charger | In-car Camera | Discreet Car Cameras | Nanny Cam
    HD Car Charger Hidden Camera with Night Vision
    Are you looking for 24-hour in-car covert surveillance for your vehicle? This is the perfect 2 in 1 device for you; a functioning car charger and a hidden camera with night vision captures discreet 1080p HD video footage for...
  • Shomer-Tec-Helmet-Suspension-System-Upgrade
    The Helmet Suspension System Upgrade follows the same concept as the suspension system that is used in British combat helmets. However it is designed so that it retrofits easily into the US PASGT helmet. The padded...
  • IDF-M15-Gas-Mask_Military-Quality-Gas-Mask
    I.D.F. M15 GAS MASK
    The I.D.F. M15 Gas Mask comes with big triangular shaped eye pieces that provide superior vision. Its voice meter provides for enhanced verbal communication between people while its improved exhalation valve provides for...
  • Pepper Spray Triple Threat Tri-Pack
    Pepper Spray Triple Threat - 3
    The Triple Threat Pepper Spray Pack has 3 of our most popular pepper sprays.  A 2oz spray for home.  A 1/2oz with visor clip for your car.  And a 1/2oz keychain pepper spray. Now with exclusive ID Dye.  A...
  • Protect-OR-Keychain_Self-Defense-Weapon
    If you loved the Stinger Key Chain, you will definitely be interested in the Protect- OR Keychain. This keychain is basically the next generation of the Stinger Key Chain where it is taken to the next level without any...
  • Sniper-Veil_Shomer-Tech
    The Sniper Veil is a functional and effective Government Issue Sniper Veil that is made from a quick-drying and breathable nylon mesh. You can use it by draping it over your upper torso, weapon and head so that it breaks up...
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  • Thumb-Cuffs_Double-Locking-Feature_Shomer-Tec
    This pair of Thumb cuffs comes with a double locking feature and two keys. These keys can be interchanged for use with regular handcuffs. As the thumb cuffs are made of nickel-plated steel, you are assured of its durability.
  • Titanium-Charge-Card_Covert-Weapon
    There are no annual fees or outrageous interest fees associated with the Titanium Charge Card; making the preferred choice of most people in a life or death situation. The Titanium Charge Card looks harmless but it's really...

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