Personal Protection

Body Temperature Scanner Camera Kiosk

$1,999.95 $1,450.00

  Detect Fever without a Thermometer! Infrared Body Temperature Detection System Ships today from our Nashville, TN Warehouse Easily screen employees, customers, and travelers with our Body Temperature Scanner Camera! This camera requires a...

2 Foot Stand for Body Scanner Camera


  Optional 2 foot mounting stand for the TMT2 body temperature scanner. What  a great addition to the TMT2 . Run the wires through the base and attached the camera via its mounting pole for a sturdy installation. The blue 'go' light on the...

4 Foot Stand for TMT


The optional 4 foot stand mounting stand for the Body Temperature scanning camera  is a great addition to the TMT2 . The TMT2 Stand2 will make installation easier for any entrance into an office, warehouse, restaurant or salons...



The all black Carbon Fiber Ventilator appears to be a cheap pen you can wear on your shirt pocket, however, in reality it is a self-defense tool you can carry with you at all times in case of an emergency situation. It is made from hallow carbon fiber...

Portable UV Light Sanitizer System

$195.00 $159.00

Best Portable UV Light Sanitizer System Surface disinfection and sterilization has never been easier.  Using scientifically proven germicidal UVC ultraviolet light to disinfect and sterilize virtually any surface can drastically eliminate 99.5% of...