lawmate RD-10 RF Transmitter Bug Detector and Hidden Camera lens Finder

The DD3100 is a high quality detection device. It features multiple processes to locate hidden cameras either wired or wireless. Used handheld, the detector can sweep and average size room in about 20 minutes.
Set it to locate wireless cameras our camera finder will search for wireless signals. Start with the antenna fully extended and set to high sensitivity, you can now start to sweep for bugs and hidden cameras. When you reach a point where the unit has a full signal then you can change to low sensitivity. Now you can narrow down the location of the hidden bugging device you are seeking.
The second operational feature of the device is a lens finder, to use the feature, look through the lens finder port. Set the wireless detector to search for camera lenses or “pinhole lenses”, you can choose to have the leds to be continuously lighted or to blink. The blink will help you search, as you pass over appliances you will watch for a bright spot reflected back, then you change over to the solid light to confirm the presence of a camera.