Real Time GPS Trackers

The best Real Time GPS Trackers use a combination of technologies you are already familiar with.  The live tracking units we sell use cell phone data (included with the monthly fee) to send GPS coordinates back to our secure server.  The server then provides you maps in real time either on your computer or Smartphone. You’ll be able to quickly locate your tracker by simply logging into your account that will provide you with a Google Maps view of your tracking device in real time.  Most of these trackers use rechargeable batteries and with the constant evolution of battery technology you won’t have to worry about short battery life. Our iTrail brand tracking services will help you track what’s most important to you.

Pill Bottle GPS Tracker


Introducing the Pill Bottle GPS Tracker, a micro sized covert GPS tracking device used to track the movement of stolen drugs from pharmacy theft or robbery. This “Bait Bottle” system uses GPS satellites and cell phone triangulation to...