Review - DD804 Defender 10G Handheld Bug Detector.

The defender 10 G is a handheld bug detector that you can use on your office phone in your home or anywhere you needpro-10g.png to
block out or find, hidden wireless cameras and wireless bugs.  What makes this unit handy to have around is, the ability to hook it to a desk phone, and it will actually mute your call if someone tries to  start recording or listening.

You can check out your office for wireless microphones and cameras, and then connect to your office phone, so you can be sure  that your conversation is between you and the person you are talking to. No prying ears will be able to get through your Defender 10G defenses. 

If you are meeting in a new location or someone else’s office you can set the white noise generator, this will create what sounds like just static to you, but is unintelligible noise to any microphones and recorders in the area.  It will mask you voice and cause any recorder memory to be used up with just noise.

With this device you can help keep your own conversation private, even if you have bug sweeps done in your office or business, use this device to maintain a regular check of your own space.